Our Schedule, Fall 2012

I love new beginnings and schedules.  This is our schedule for our new school year - subject to change - and not everyday we stick to a schedule!



7:50 - Breakfast, reading a Bible story & memorizing a piece of scripture.  We started September memorizing Psalm 67, now we are working on Psalm 46.

8:30- Ethan 30 minutes of Piano, Ezra 45 minutes Math (Math U See Delta & word problems from Caribou Math contests), Ellie 30 minutes Math (Math Enhancement Grade 1 & Saxon Grade 2 left over sheets from previous children!)

9:00 - Ethan 60 minutes of math - Finished Math U See Algebra 1 in September, now working on Geometry (gr 9) and Caribou Math word problems.  Ezra finishes up math and moves to Spelling level 3, Ellie works on Explode the Code Phonics and printing.

9:30 - Ethan continues math, Ezra does 20 minutes of piano, and Ellie reads out loud & plays on Starfall.

10:00 - We explore a common topic together and I read outloud while we eat a snack.  In September, we explored Canadian History, Canadian Geography, World Geography and Canadian Government.  In October, we have been learning about Art History for part of this hour, reading current events from http://www.teachingkidsnews.com and reading The Secret Garden.

11:00 - Language Arts!!  Ethan spends this hour working on Spelling Level 5, Daily Grams grade 5 and writing assignments.  Ezra works on phonics excercises, reading outloud and trying (desperately) to finish up First Language Lessons 2.  Ellie does First Language Lessons 1, 10 minutes of Piano and then plays.

12:00 - Lunch Break!

1:00 - Silent Reading.  I love silent reading time.  I can clean up a mess in the kitchen, clean up a school mess, do laundry, write an email...

1:30 - Mondays the kids do Latin (Song School Latin - love it!) and Art, Tuesdays, Ethan does an hour of French and then bakes, Wednesday is Science for everyone, Thursday is History (Story of the World series & working on our time line).

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