What are continents?

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How many continents are there? If you grew up in the English speaking world you would say “Obviously 6!” “North-America, South-America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica.” “Right?” Well, maybe. The definition of continent is: Large landmasses separated by an oceans.  Why are Europe and Asia different continents? Because they are so different in their culture. But if culture tells you what contents are, the middle east must be a content and so must India, and so must a LOT of other places. So we have to turn Europe and Asia into Eurasia. Now we have six continents. But what about North-America and South-America? They were connected by Central America, until the Panama Canal, but there is a bridge across the Panama Canal. So you could walk all the way from Canada to the tip of Chile. So there is no ocean in-between North-America and South-America, so might as well make them plain old America. That makes five continents. But if you say “Who cares about the Panama canal”, than you also have to say that about the Suez Canal which means that Africa, and Eurasia merge together to make Afro-Eurasia. Which makes five continents. But what about Antarctica? if you take all the ice off Antarctica, it actually has lots of islands and the largest one is even smaller then Australia. So Antarctica shouldn’t be a continent. That makes three continents.

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